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Professional Rotary Tattoo Machines

Sharpest X Rotary Machine



Sharpest X Rotary Tattoo Machine

(Machine Come with the Power Cord)          
Machine Weight : 4.9 oz            
Machine Start Running : 4.5v            
Input voltage :  0- 12 volt DC (max. 14 volt DC)        
Product Description :            
This wonderful Sharpest X tattoo machine weighs 4.9 OUNCES and has a balanced design
that was designed in such a way that all the weight was mathematically formatted by 
top engineers to flow with the weight of the tube, thus giving an overall feel of virtual 
weightlessness. this particular design has helped many artists with wrist pain issues and 
and carpal tunnel syndrome cramps, allowing them to work hours longer   
than they could have previously.          
Each Sharpest X Rotary tattoo machine is made using billet aircraft aluminum, improve the
machine body strong last. Sharpest X can be use for lining, Color packing and Shading.

Building for long run and never get over heat.

Item Code: 

Black: 77-0018-06

Golden: 77-0018-13

Blue: 77-0018-05

Red: 77-0018-01