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Dual Tattoo Machine Power Supply

T-600 Power Supply


T-600 Power Supply

Dual input Connection for both liner and shader machines to the power supply

Output 0-18v 2.3 amp with Built-in Overload protection
Metal casing with On/Off power switch

Table mount is included, for your best working environment 


This New T-600 Dual Tattoo Machine  Power Supply is compact and very advanced technologically. It is a full featured digital power supply unit made with metal casing and have a On/Off power buotton, also can mount on any desk or work station with adjustable base. it is lightweight and extremely easy to use! Input for two machines - plug them both in and toggle between the two without having to plug them in and out! 4 Memory preset - This mini computer has the ability to save your settings for 4 different voltage. Just plug in a tattoo machine, choose your preset and go! Advanced digital micro-processor controlled unit. Choice of voltage increments: .1v - .9v Precision regulated voltage output 0-18v2.3 amp with built in overload protection. 2 machine and 4 memory modes. Time of day Stop watch feature to monitor time in session. Universal input 110-240vac 50/60hz (comes with US plug) LCD Display with volts and footswitch mode. Easily bagged with typical machine or bottle baggies. FOOT SWITCH MODES: Your T-600 Power Supply has a Continous mode. Continuous mode is the conventional operation mode that most artists are using now, it is to stimulate having your foot on the pedal by only taping your pedal once, and tap one more time to stop. Switch button: The SW button performs Switching between Machines #1 and #2. let you have more control on the T-600 power supply. Also the T-600 has very simple LCD display that shows all the information you need when you're doing a tattoo, comes with an English manual book to teach and show you all the good features for the Power Supply.

Item Code: 99-0600-06